Asembo Bay Women for Development

Mandela Legacy to honour
Naomi Campbell, Kanye West, Drake
and Will Smith
at Black History Month Gala

Leaders in sports, politics, non-profits, medicine and entertainment amongst honorees

By Peggy Taillon in Ottawa Citizen

Re: Senators’ rink ‘right size’ for Max Keeping memorial, Oct. 9.

Whether you knew Max Keeping personally or not, you most certainly felt that you did. He was everyone’s champion, he lived with great empathy and he felt honoured to tell our stories every evening at 6 p.m., which is why he became such a strong advocate, a voice for those in need. He couldn’t tell the stories and not be moved to action.

It’s truly AMAZING what happens when friends work together

TV host Kimothy Walker created the Amazing People show that profiles incredible community leaders in Ottawa. Inspired by their stories, her friend Eric Collard launched the Amazing People Gala to celebrate.