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We had 19 students who qualified to attend good secondary schools. One of our girls actually scored well enough to be invited to attend a national school and, through the efforts of our group members was sponsored fully by the Equity Banking Group.

In previous years, we have tried to balance the availability of funds with the number of students hoping that everyone who qualifies for school can attend. This has meant sending most of the children to a day school. Attending boarding school is really the best option when the child comes from a small rural village but it is simply not affordable for us.

The difference between a boarding school and day school education affects the girl child most. This is mostly the result of household responsibilities on the girls, many of whom carry water and firewood at least twice a day for long distances and cannot study. Often their homes do not have enough food and they cannot access electricity to complete homework and study their lessons.

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We have therefore made a difficult decision. It is now our policy to send all girls to a boarding school. The implications of this decision are that if we do not have enough sponsors for the number of qualified girls then some may not attend. It is also our policy to use funds which are not targeted to a particular child to pay for day school for the boys.

The good part of this policy is that most boys who qualify for secondary will attend school. The downside is that no matter how well they score, boys cannot go to the best schools unless a sponsor comes forward who is wants to specifically sponsor a boy instead of a girl.

The profiles and photos included are only of girls as these girls have started Form One (Grade Nine) and we desperately need to find sponsors so they can continue. If anyone is more interested in sponsoring a boy we can provide photos and information about them for you.

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Here is a breakdown of what sponsorship costs:
Each child attends school for four years. The school year starts in January so money should be paid in November or December. The exception would be for this year because the children all started school in January and so of course we are in arrears for their fees right now. This year will need fees paid as soon as possible and again in December. The total for each year is $1500.

The approximate breakdown is as follows:

  • Items needed for boarding in year one $100 per year
  • Shopping needed for four terms: $500 per year
  • Fees for school and boarding: $550 per year
  • Food staples for family during term break: $250 per year
  • Transport, extra fees, examinations etc: $100 per year

The cost for each year of schooling is a bit different from one year to the next. We prefer to ask for the same amount for each year so you know what to expect. In the first year, we have to purchase everything needed for school (books, uniforms, etc. For the girls attending Boarding school they need a huge list of items like mattresses, bedclothes as well as their personal care items, pocket money, sports equipment etc. It is quite a feat to get everything and then deliver the shopping and the children to the school! There are four terms and we need to do shopping to replenish their supplies before the start of each term. The shopping for the beginning of school costs about $400 per child and the shopping for the term is about $100. There are also extra activity fees and transportation to and from school which needs to be budgeted for. The actual fee for school and the cost of boarding ranges from $400-$600 depending on the school.

During the school year there will be periodic requests for more money which can never be predicted. For example, often there is a special bread fee because the cost of bread is more than they expected. In some years there are extra fees for examinations and for tuition (study) courses.

It is also our practice to provide the guardians with some food staples when the child comes home at the end of term. This is done for two reasons. The first is simply that when the girls are in boarding school they eat 3 meals a day and it is very difficult to come home when there is no food to eat there. The second is that having the child bring something like cooking fat or maize for the family when they end their term reminds them of their obligation to assist their family in the future as they benefit from the education which they were given.

Thank you for considering sponsorship with us!